About the Jewelry

Wari Designs started in Peru and to this day we still source a large quantity of our materials from there. In this way we support many small businesses in Peru such as lapidaries, independent craft stores and wire recyclers. 

Perhaps the most defining feature of Edú Muñoz's jewelry is his use of carefully selected, high quality natural semi-precious stones. About 80% of our stones are soured from Peru - where local lapidaries polish and cut stones primary from Peru, but also from neighboring countries Bolivia and Argentina. The rest of our stones come from stone dealers from all over the world including India, Russia and many African countries. Learn more about where our stones come from and their healing properties.



German silver, also known as Alpaca wire, is an alloy made primarily of white copper and zinc that looks very similar to silver. It is tough metal that is easy to work with and will not tarnish and is actually more durable than pure silver. At the same time, the high copper content makes the wire much more hypoallergenic than pure nickel wire. German silver can easily be cleaned using a mild hand soap and water; silver polish is not recommended.

In Peru there is a large industry copper and bronze wire recycling in which old electric wire is repurposed for the the use of artisans. About 50% of our wire is this recycled wire from Peru and we are hoping to increase this number to eventually use only recycled copper wire in all of our products.

All of our wire products are treated with ProtectaClear , a clear and safe impermeable finish that prevents the jewelry from tarnishing and protects the skin from any discoloring.


All earring backs are surgical steel, but can be sterling silver for an additional $2.00 a pair. 


Macramé jewelry is made from wax-coated thread, a high quality product that is flexible, durable, and water resistant.